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U15 Basketball and Table Tennis Tournament. Girls Win a Championship!

A two day competition was held in Huangdao over the weekend at YCIS.  Both the Boys and Girls competed at the U15 level in Basketball and Table Tennis against international schools from around the Qingdao area. The boys started the tournament against four tough teams.  The competition was fierce and our boys performed well.  The […]


QAIS Hosts the Youth Leadership Summit | QAIS举办了青年领导力峰会

In 2014 the vision for youngleaders. world was born and five months later 1500 students came together in Edmonton, Canada to discover a secret, a hidden power within. That our lives could hold more. What started as a dream of three founders is now becoming a movement of 100.000 youth and now reached 13 countries. [...]
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The QAIS Inspire Project

What roles will there be: President: The president serves as the face of the event. He or she is expected to know everything about everyone and everything. He or she is to have the skills to communicate, liaise and encourage to people in charge of other departments. He or she will speaks at the end […]

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