By Comine Howe

MMUN-electives (Montessori Model United Nations) have kicked off for MYP (grades 6 -10), and Humanities teachers, Bill Murray, Penelope James and Giovanni Romeo, are getting students excited about MMUN as students are faced with the task of preventing a Zombie Pandemic!

Through the process of role-playing, each student becomes a delegate of a selected nation. They write, present and debate issues affecting their nation and peoples. By assuming the character of a citizen of their selected country, they fully develop an understanding of the needs of a people and the importance of accepting differences.

Bill reflects on how the magic of MMUN lies in students looking at the world not from their own perspective, but rather the perspective of an entire country they represent. Minds are opened as students become more knowledgeable about the world and become global citizens who strive to create a more peaceful world through community action, intercultural understanding, and respect for all life.