Montessori Plum Blossom Scientists – 蒙氏梅花班的小小科学家 最近,

Montessori Plum Blossom Scientists – 蒙氏梅花班的小小科学家 最近,

montessorimmballoonsStudents in the Plum Blossom class recently learned about Solids, Liquids, and Gas. After learning about Solids and Liquids, their focus on Gas led them to experiments with balloons. Their meaningful discussion about gas included what gas is and whether or not they could see, feel or smell it. As part of the experiment, they blew out a candle to see the smoke rise up. To smell Gas, they inflated balloons to see how gaseous air can fill a container. They blew their hands to feel the air, and they breathed in and out to see how air is essential for all living creatures.

蒙氏梅花班的小小科学家 最近,


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