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Make-X Robot Competition 2k18 – “A great example of sportsmanship”

This year’s trip to Make X robot competition was full of challenges, joy, excitement, determination and of course a test of patience for all of us. We all faced different challenges in different areas throughout this competition that tested our problem solving and critical thinking skills. We were constantly facing problems with the functioning of […]


QAIS robotics take the World Championship by storm | QAIS机器人风靡世锦赛

Two QAIS teams competed in the MakeX Robotics World Championship held in Guangzhou, China from December 6 to 9, 2018. The numbers of this competition are staggering:   10.000 contestants in 3000 teams from 20 Countries and 50 cities and an online audience of 2,000,000 online! 2018年12月6日至9日,两支QAIS团队参加了在中国广州举行的MakeX机器人世界锦标赛。 这次比赛的参赛人数令人震惊:来自20个国家和50个城市的3000支球队的10000名选手和200万在线观众! With such fierce competition, we are very proud […]


QAIS Hosts the Youth Leadership Summit | QAIS举办了青年领导力峰会

In 2014 the vision for youngleaders. world was born and five months later 1500 students came together in Edmonton, Canada to discover a secret, a hidden power within. That our lives could hold more. What started as a dream of three founders is now becoming a movement of 100.000 youth and now reached 13 countries. [...]
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MYP/DP Youth Club Kick Off Event! | MYP/DP 青年俱乐部开启活动啦

For our first event of the 2018-2019 school year, the MYP/DP Youth club tackled Mount Fushan on a night adventure hike guided by our Mount Everest expert, Mr Brendan. Students departed at 18:00 and braved Fushan in the dark for stunning views of Qingdao’s city lights, exploration of the old tunnels, and hiking along the […]

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Return to Neverland

The new year has come with a super-charged boost of energy for the cast and crew of Peter Pan. As we have moved into the new, incredible arts spaces, we are quickly taking up every nook and cranny during our rehearsals. Pirates are tangoing on stage, Lost Boys are building a home around Wendy in […]

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QAIS Joins Elite Company as An Accredited Member of The Council of International Schools (CIS) 

From our humble beginnings in 2011, we have been striving to provide the highest quality education by promoting global citizenship, international mindedness, service and action, and a lifelong love of learning.  By embarking on the lengthy process of gaining school accreditations and authorizations including AMS, IB DP, IB PYP, IB MYP, MSA-CESS, we have laid a […]

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Mathematical Magic – Montessori teachers share their knowledge

QAIS Montessori teachers shared their wealth of knowledge with members of our instructional staff, in order to demonstrate how learning math is accessible to all students. By using manipulatives and creative teaching strategies, Montessori teachers convey difficult mathematical concepts, such as the foundations of algebra and geometry to even their youngest of students. During the […]


PYP Celebrates the Moon Festival

In true transdisciplinary fashion, art, math, and culture combined in PYP last week for a thrilling activity in celebration of the Moon Festival in China. Grade 3 students deepened their exploration of area and perimeter by creating their own versions of the Jade Rabbit using square units. Students became illustrators and creators of their own […]

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Always Open QAIS Open House Days

We are always open to welcoming parents to QAIS and were thrilled to have many families visit during our two open house days last week. In the MYP and DP programs, teachers and students showcased learning by opening all classes to visiting parents, who were able to see and participate in their students’ daily work […]


IB Primary Years Step-Up Ceremony

Students in the IB Primary Years Programme symbolically ‘stepped-up’ to the next level, while Grade 6 shared their individual reflections on their years in PYP.