Sing Peace Around the World

Sing Peace Around the World

“Preventing conflicts is the work of politics: establishing peace is the work of education.”

~ Maria Montessori

Could you imagine if the world came together and concentrated on what unites us, rather than divides us? We would find peace.  

That’s the hope and message of the Sing Peace Around the World Campaign, held annually to coincide with the United Nation’s International Day of Peace (or World Peace Day).

On September 21, schools around the world gathered at their assigned times to sing Shelley Murley’s song, “Light a Candle for Peace.” The song moved around the world throughout the day, starting with children in New Zealand and ending 24 hours later with children in the Hawaiian Islands.

When Murley began the project in 2009, approximately 80,000 children from over 35 countries participated. Last year, Sing Peace Around the World involved over 150,000 children from more than 65 countries. This year, they are still counting but hoping the grand total will exceed 250,000 children singing for Peace. 

We are proud the QAIS family joined in the effort to bring Peace a little closer to everyone in the world. 



——玛利亚 蒙特梭利 



9月21日,世界各地的学校在他们预定的时间集合学生,同唱Shelley Murley的歌曲“Light a Candle for Peace” (为和平点亮蜡烛)。从新西兰开始,孩子们的歌声在地球上从东到倒西轮唱24小时,结束于夏威夷。