Our QAIS Library

The library and library staff offer programs and services for the entire school. The library is designed for students to work individually and collaboratively, and supports our learners with a growing collection of resources available for scholastic inquiry as well as reading for pleasure. 

Library Mission

The mission of the QAIS School Library is to inspire and encourage a lifelong love of reading and learning in our school community whilst supporting the curricular and co-curricular programs and promoting international mindedness. 

The QAIS Library strives to be a learning hub that is an integral part of the school community. The library supports teaching, learning and research in an intellectually and culturally open environment. 

The Library Staff strives to work collaboratively with teachers to create authentic learning for all students, to encourage effective use of ideas and information; to provide quality resources to encourage reading for pleasure and to help students stay informed in a rapidly changing world. 

Read aloud circle

Library Goals

  • To further the educational aims of the school by providing quality resources that support and enhance the curriculum and the mission of the school. 
  • To fulfill students’ educational information needs and to encourage as far as possible the extracurricular and leisure interests of the students. 
  • To promote resource-based learning through the provision of a wide range of materials, both print and virtual learning environment; and the teaching of study and information skills so that students learn how to learn, how to analyze, how to reach considered conclusions about man, his language and literature, his way in society, and the scientific forces of his environment. 
  • To promote positive attitudes towards independent learning, information literacy, libraries, reading and literature. 
  • To stimulate intercultural awareness and promote international mindedness through the provision of materials reflecting a variety of cultures and languages. 
  • To meet teachers’ professional and recreational needs. 
  • To promote community awareness and participation in learning and reading. 

Library Hours

The QAIS Library is open from 7:45 a.m. to 4:20 p.m. Monday through Friday of the academic year. Students may come during their scheduled library session or on permission of their teacher. Groups of students larger than 4 need permission ahead of time from the Librarian. Teachers and staff are welcome to browse and pick up materials in person or notify needs via email or phone. The Textbook room may be accessed by appointment.  


An email is sent to homeroom teachers (PYP) and advisors (MYP, DP) at the end of every month listing any outstanding books for their students. Books on these lists will also be added to the list for family contact at the end of the ongoing three-month period; once an overdue book is added to this list, the student who checked it out will regain his/her check-out privileges. 

The purpose of this is to keep teachers and advisors aware of books checked out by their students and to ask in their assistance in the returning or renewing of these books. Teachers should then inform individual parents about missing or overdue books.  

Students are not allowed to check out books over their book allowance amount therefore if a student has not returned a previously checked out book, they may not be able to check out another. 

Three times a year: (November, February, and May) an overdue book report is produced, and parents are informed by first the library and then the business office.  

If a book has not been returned or renewed within a week of the initial librarian email to parents, the finance office will send an email to the parent(s) asking that the book be returned or paid for to clear the student’s library account. 


Example for the 2019-2020 year 

  1. November 1st an overdue book report is run. Email letters are sent out to LS parents and upper school students and parents from the Library. 
  2. If books have not been returned or renewed by November 8th the list is sent to the business office. 
  3. Email letters are sent out to all parents by the business office by November 15th. 
  4. If books have not been returned, renewed, replaced, or paid for by November 29th a follow email is sent out by the business office.  
  5. If books have not been returned, renewed, replaced, or paid for by December 13th the student’s account is charged the replacement fee and their library patron status is cleared.  


Lost/Damaged Books  

Patrons will be charged for lost or damaged books. 


End of the year book recovery from students: 

  1. All students should bring back all books no later than June 7 (Teachers June 14) (dates will vary depending on year). 
  1. The procedure outlined above will be followed for all books that become overdue prior to June 7. Additionally, all books identified ‘currently likely to be charged to families’ will be worked on leading up to June 7, in order to reduce the number of books still outstanding by the end-of-business on June 7.  
  1. The library will produce a list of all books still outstanding as of Monday, June 10th, consisting of two categories:  
  1.  Books for which families have already been notified by the business office  
  1.  Books that are officially overdue as of June 8th. The following measures will be taken to recover books in this category: during the week of June 10th, homeroom teachers and advisors will send final reminders to parents. During the week of June 17th Business Office notification will be sent home for books in this category that are still outstanding.  
  1. The library will send the complete list of books still outstanding as of the afternoon of Friday June 21st to the procurement office. These books will be replaced over the summer using families’ deposits. 

Library Spaces & Usage

As a multi-use space, the library is designed to play a central role for the school community. 

It is important for learners to have designated physical spaces as well as virtual spaces, so this library is designed to blend the two in a way that gives learners experience with a variety of media. 

There are distinct zones within the library that include multiple teaching and learning spaces.  

Students, teachers, and parents may access all areas of the library as appropriate. However, it is expected that PYP and MYP/DP students will predominantly use the areas specifically designed for them. The MYP/DP students have access to and may borrow from all collections. PYP students may access the resources for the older students under supervision and with permission.  



Story time Circle 

Creative Corner (bookable) 

PYP Fiction Section 

Picture Books/Non-Fiction Tree Wall 

Work/Listening Station Room (bookable) 



Brainstorming Lounge 

World Language & Café Corner  

Fiction Reading Area 

Large group Learning Area (bookable) 



Quiet Work Space 

Classroom Library Sets

Teachers may select texts to be sub-located to their rooms to function as a classroom library. The teacher will be trained to use Destiny Catalog and may check books in and out from their own computer.