QAIS 2016 Family Fun Run Pics!

QAIS 2016 Family Fun Run Pics!

At Qingdao Amerasia International School, we have a unique way of celebrating Spring. See, Qingdao is a coastal city, stretching for hundreds of kilometers along the Yellow Sea. On very special days in May, the rain stops, the clouds part, and spectacular sunshine illuminates the greenery and the mountains and the azure sea; at this time of year, the temperature is still mild, with light, crisp breezes bringing salty air off the ocean. On one of these special days, we get together with all of our students, staff, and families, plus 500 or so other friends, and we enjoy being together. We play on the lawn at the Hyatt Regency; we paint; we eat; we win prizes; we watch awesome performances; and we run (or walk, or scoot, or ride) along the seaside boardwalk, past tidepools, parks, and sculptures. We are reminded of our city’s natural beauty, and we cherish the opportunity to share it with one another.

The QAIS Family Fun Run encapsulates the values and passions of our entire approach to education. The event was created to promote physical activity, enjoy our diverse international community, celebrate family togetherness, and take advantage of the natural beauty of our city. These objectives echo our school’s mission of developing courageous global citizens, who help to create a more peaceful world through community action, intercultural understanding, and respect for all life.

This year, we are thankful for the generous support of our sponsors, who helped make this event possible! In particular, we want to recognize Hyatt Regency Qingdao, Dragonair, Air Busan, Chez Choux, CreditEase, St. Andrew’s Golf Academy, SmartArt, Ugu Mushroom Delivery, and RMS Health Supplements, for your exciting gifts and donations.

Enjoy the photos!