Parents are Lifelong Learners

Parents are Lifelong Learners

Wednesday, September 20th, proved to be a very productive day for QAIS parents as we had the honor to welcome the world- renowned Montessori Educator, Ms. Robyn Breiman to our school to lead a workshop on “Maths in Montessori’.

For nearly thirty years Robyn worked with children of all ages as a Montessori teacher. She was the head of The New School in Cincinnati, Ohio, for fifteen years and has been on the Board of Directors of the American Montessori Society since 2012.  Robyn currently is Co-Director of the Montessori Elementary Teacher Training Collaborative (METTC) in Lexington, Masachusetts, where she has trained hundreds of adult learners in Montessori pedagogy, including our very own Ms. Jessica, Ms. Cecilia, and Ms. Li Yan.

The workshop was not only filled with useful knowledge and insights, but parents also had the chance to explore the Montessori materials themselves, gaining an in-depth understanding of this inspiring method of teaching and learning.

We are proud to have parents at QAIS who are as motivated to learn as our students themselves.


    9月20日上周三对家长来说是非常有收获的一天,世界知名的蒙特梭利教育专家Robyn Breiman为我校家长做了“蒙式数学”的讲座。
在蒙特梭利教育界,Robyn Breiman女士的名字如雷贯耳。她在蒙式教育领域给不同年龄的孩子执教超过30年;她担任俄亥俄州辛辛那提The New School学校校长15年,2012年以来她一直是美国蒙特梭利协会董事会成员。Robyn目前是麻省莱克星顿蒙特梭利小学教师培训合作中心(METTC)的校长之一,她已经培训了几百位蒙式教育工作者,包括我校的Jessica老师,Cecilia老师和Li Yan老师。