Our Parents Help Plan the Future | 我们的家长是学校规划的一员

Our Parents Help Plan the Future | 我们的家长是学校规划的一员

Tuesday, October 10th, was a busy and fun day at the Hyatt hotel as motivated parents assembled for the first Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting of the year. A freshly brewed coffee and home-made cookies kicked off the morning and prepared everyone for a fun filled ‘bingo with a twist’ game which was the ideal way for all to get to know each other. This in turn got our parents really going and during a little brainstorming a lot of ideas and plans started to take shape. All these invaluable inputs are now being processed and a full summary will be available on the ‘Parent Hub’ very soon. This first meeting shows that together we can really reach for the stars in attaining the best for all our students.

If you were unable to attend the first meeting but are also interested in being part of the PTA (and in doing so, shaping the future of the school and the way students experience it), we would love to hear from you!

10月10日上周二,家长们络绎来到凯悦酒店,参加今年首届PTA家委会活动。取用了现磨咖啡,自制饼干、新鲜水果,活动以一个有趣的“宾果”游戏开场,让互不认识的家长一下子热络了起来。于是接下来,家长们开始了头脑风暴,非常投入地参与了关于学校计划的讨论。家长们的建议都被翻译、记录和入档,将很快将在学校网站的parent hub公布。通过这次活动,我们再次看到,通过家长和学校的紧密合作,我们可以为我们的学生创造最好的学校。浏览照片,请点击这里。