Message from President Sarah Ryou

It is an honor for me to write this letter to you. I’m very pleased and thankful to the students and teachers who supported me to become the Student Council President.

I said at graduation that as the new President, I will always support you to set good goals for the development of the school. This year, I would like to continue to enhance our school through new and exciting initiatives.  I would like to make a brighter, more active, and more lively school; for example, doing more community services and activities. Furthermore, as a student leader, I will try to express the students’ opinions as clearly as possible, since it is my duty to represent the student body.  If we work together, we can help to create the best possible school.

I also have good news that we have a new structure of Student Council, which is different from last year. We will also have some elections going on in the school. So, if you are interested in being a leader of the class, please be prepared! There will be a lot of activities taking place this year, such as MUN, community service projects, and so on. I believe the school year will be fantastic.

Thank you so much and I hope that you will enjoy the rest of the school year.


Sarah Ryou
QAIS Student Council President