Make-X Robot Competition 2k18 – “A great example of sportsmanship”

This year’s trip to Make X robot competition was full of challenges, joy, excitement, determination and of course a test of patience for all of us. We all faced different challenges in different areas throughout this competition that tested our problem solving and critical thinking skills. We were constantly facing problems with the functioning of the robot and it’s construction, but through the combination of all our skills developed into new ideas that easily solved our problems. Our team captains, Charlie, Jacob and coach Jack played a crucial role in the technical aspects of the entire process of constructing the robot and guided us through our work. CIn the beginning, some of us had a little difficulty to be engaged in this process, but through our strong unity and communication skills we overcame that problem as well. We constantly provided strength and held hands together for supporting each other every second that developed into strong friendships. This brought us positivity and encouragement for doing better next time even if we couldn’t make it to the final round. All of us learned our own lessons through this entire trip as we all made mistakes that made us realize areas for improvement. I learned that there are always moments of failures and successes in life, hence we should always learn to accept both of them with a smile in our face rather than being discouraged. We should keep working hard and chase for the upcoming opportunities in the future.