Grade 5 Students Become Teachers

Grade 5 Students Become Teachers

On October 17, Grade 5 students stepped out of the regular classroom and visited a rural school outside of Jimo, a town on the outskirts of Qingdao. The school is surrounded by fields and farmland, and the entire area is very green which was a welcome change from the asphalt jungle of the city. Upon arrival, students were greeted by the principal and then made their way into one of the ten tidy detached classrooms that make up the school. The classroom quickly filled with students. QAIS grade 5 students immediately assumed the role of teacher, and split the students into five groups. Prior to the visit, QAIS students had prepared English lessons, which included getting to know you activities, vocabulary, and grammar. Our students delivered these lessons confidently, to groups of 3 to 30 host students. Following the English instruction, QAIS students led the group in games of soccer and capture the flag. Most importantly, students from both schools got to know each other better and started to establish a friendly relationship with each other by sharing time, knowledge and experiences.

As a follow-up to this field trip, during QAIS International Day 2017 our grade 5 students set up their own booth, with the great help of the parents, to raise money for the QAIS Fund for Education. Organizing games, selling arts and crafts, preparing homemade baked goods, cooking delicious ethnic food, and providing fresh drinks, were just a few of the things they came up with. Some students turned out to be passionate entrepreneurs, blossoming into their roles as energetic salespeople. All the proceeds of their sales will be used to further support the Jimo School Community Project. In the coming weeks, students will decide how best to allocate the money they raised, with a return visit to the school to present their donation.

10 月 17 日,5 年级学生走出常规的教室,探访一所位于青岛周边即墨城镇的乡村学校。 学校周围都是农田,整个地区都是绿色的,相对充满沥青的城市,这是受人欢迎的变化。 学生们到达后受到了校长的欢迎,之后他们走进 10 间整洁独立的教室之一。教室里很快 挤满了学生。青岛美亚国际学校 5 年级的学生立刻担任起小老师,并将学生们分为 5 个 小组。在前来探访之前,青岛美亚国际学校的学生准备了英文课程,包括了解对方的小活 动、词汇和语法。我们的学生自信满满的对 3-30 名当地学生组成的小组教授这些课程。 在英文教学环节之后,来自两所学生的学生对对方有了更好的了解,通过分享时间、知识 和经历建立友好的关系。

作为这次探访的后续活动,5 年级的学生在青岛美亚国际学校 2017 国际日期间设立自己 的摊位,在家长的大力帮助下,为青岛美亚国际学校教育基金筹款。组织游戏、售卖工艺 品、准备自制小点心、烘焙美味的民族食物、提供新鲜的饮品等,这些只是他们想出的一 部分主意。一些学生变身热情的企业家,成长为充满活力的销售人员。他们获得的所有收 入将用于未来支持即墨学校社区项目。未来的几周,学生们将决定如何更好的支配筹集到 的资金,并通过回访学校进行捐赠。