Family Fun Day Bus

  • Dear parents,
    Please choose your preferable Bus line if you are planning to take QAIS Bus to Family Fun Day Venue, May 19th (QAIS Campus).
    Sign up before Wednesday, May 16th.
    Bus No.1:Jusco (Hongkong Rd.)/佳世客(香港路)----Qingdao University/青岛大学---- Liqun Jinding Mall (Hongkong Rd) /利群金鼎(香港路)--- Baishan Campus/白珊学校
    Bus No. 2: Golden Sea Square/金海广场 ------ Hellen Garden/鲁邦悦海豪庭 ------- Baishan Campus/白珊学校
    You will receive your confirmation letter with your departing time on Thursday, May 17.
  • Please choose your preferable Bus Line 请选您想坐的校车路线。