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Return to Neverland

The new year has come with a super-charged boost of energy for the cast and crew of Peter Pan. As we have moved into the new, incredible arts spaces, we are quickly taking up every nook and cranny during our rehearsals. Pirates are tangoing on stage, Lost Boys are building a home around Wendy in […]

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Spreading our wings with the QAIS butterfly community art project

QAIS has been growing steadily while expanding opportunities for students of different ages to collaborate and bond as a community.  We cherish every opportunity for older students to serve as role models for younger ones, while younger students can remind older students about the joy of learning and discovery experienced through a child’s eye.  This mutually […]


QAIS Robotics Teams Win All in MakeX National Robotics Competition | QAIS 的机器人团队在MAKE X 国家机器人竞赛中胜出

We are excited to share that some of our students in Grade 9 & 10 MYP Design recently competed in the MakeX National Robotics Championships in Shenzhen. This Three day event was organized from November 23rd to November 26th, 2017. MYP Design students have been learning about Robotics and preparing for the National MakeX Robotics […]


QAIS Hosts the Youth Leadership Summit | QAIS举办了青年领导力峰会

In 2014 the vision for was born and five months later 1500 students came together in Edmonton, Canada to discover a secret, a hidden power within. That our lives could hold more. What started as a dream of three founders is now becoming a movement of 100.000 youth and will reach 13 countries by […]


Xi’an: A Journey of Discovery for Grade 8 Students | 西安:八年级学生的探索之旅

To enrich their unit on World Religions, Mr. Brian’s 8th grade Humanities class enjoyed a 3.5-day field trip to Xi’an. This city was a natural choice for this unit, because Xi’an marked the beginning and end of the ancient Silk Road, which brought different goods, ideas and beliefs to China. The students have been studying […]


Sing Peace Around the World

“Preventing conflicts is the work of politics: establishing peace is the work of education.” ~ Maria Montessori Could you imagine if the world came together and concentrated on what unites us, rather than divides us? We would find peace.   That’s the hope and message of the Sing Peace Around the World Campaign, held annually to coincide with the United Nation’s International Day of […]


Big Steps in Little Shoes / 用小脚丫跨出大步伐

The first two weeks of school passed like a whirlwind in our toddler class and how exciting it was. Our returning students readjusted to the routine with confidence and enthusiasm with just a little reminder of some ground rules. Our new students proved to be eager to explore and it is a real joy to […]


While you were gone / 丰富的假期生活

Some of our students and staff have also been busy during this summer participating in a wide range of activities and competitions. 师生员工在暑假期间经历丰富多彩,参加了各种活动、比赛。